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Costume non-prescription scary contact lenses create a great Halloween accessory.
These contact lenses are specifically designed to enhance a Halloween costume.
Per the websites that sell these lenses, there is no prescription required.

But some people wear these contact lenses as enhancements to their every day attire. It does not matter what anyone thinks about this scary eye candy. Hollywood has sanctioned the use of these costume non-prescription scary lens as an everyday accessory. Teenagers and some plain strange folks wear these scary contact lenses daily so they can get attention.

Several schools have banned the wearing of these contact lens on school grounds and in classes. If they do not enhance or correct vision, they are not allowed. Trying to be different is the only reason to wear these contact lenses on a daily basis. But peer pressure sometimes forces kids into being alike so kids have to find a way to be unique.

Well unique describes this style of contact lens precisely. These types of contact lenses were designed for special effects in Hollywood films, theatrical productions and musical videos. These contact lenses are non-prescription contact lenses and should be worn for very short periods of time.

Cooper Vision and other brand name eye car companies offer these funky costume non-prescription scary contact lenses and other unique styles of contact lenses in array of styles and colors. Crazy Lenses is another of the top producers of special effects contact lenses.

These costume type contact lenses are showing up on the runways in haute couture fashion shows as well as on the street of New York, Paris and Milan. Even the red carpets in Hollywood are not immune to these scary contact lenses.

These special-effect contact lenses are not worn by people who need vision correction because the lenses are not created for that purpose. Everyone can order these contact lenses from the manufacturer without a prescription. Many of the purchasers of these contact lenses are first time contact lens users.

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Some of the most popular costume non-prescription scary contact lens designs include:

*Blood Shot Eyes contact lenses have a white base with bloody red vessels that emanate from the outer corner of the lenses toward the center.

*Spiral Black and Spiral Red contact lenses provide a look of bewilderment. No one can tell where you are looking. they just know they don’t want to look at you.

*Blood Red Contact lenses are always popular for the Halloween parties.

*Red Wolf and Black Wolf Crazy lenses are solid red with yellow detail to create a wolf eye effect.

*Cat eye contact lenses is a pure yellow lens with black detailing to create a slit the same as a cat’s eye

*Reptile contact lenses are also referred to as Lizard contact lenses and Alien contact lenses. The Reptile Green Crazy lens is a solid green contact lenses with black detailing

There are other popular special effect lenses available. These are cosmetic contact lenses that change eye color or provide special affects including eye designs. These contact lenses are very popular among teens and the young adult population..

Purchasing a pair of costume non-prescription scary contact lenses [] does not require an eye examination But for safety, these lenses should be sterilized and kept clean. All contact lenses come in contact with the cornea. To prevent infection, the user should use sterile techniques to keep the lenses clean and free from irritants.

For more information on costume non-prescription scary contact lenses [] try visiting, a popular website that provides contact lens tips, advice and resources to include discounts on sunglasses, eyeglasses, LASIK procedures and contact lenses.

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