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In the UK alone, there are approximately 3.7 million contact lens wearers and this figure rises year on year. With the flexibility to switch from your glasses of old to none at all, many opt for this refreshing change of scene.

Whether you’re looking to purchase them through an optician on a contact lens scheme or bought online for your latest costume project, there are so many colours, styles and wearing patterns available. The standard wearing patterns include:

●    Daily Disposable

●    Two-weekly Disposable (sometimes referred to as weekly)

●    Monthly Disposable

●    Extended Wear

In this blog, we explore the world of contact lenses and the different types you can expect to come across:

Soft contact lenses

Soft contact lenses are the most popular choice with lens wearers. Made from the latest optical technology, these lenses are comfortable, flexible and extremely breathable, suitable for long hours of wear. Their adaptable design also means they are compatible with almost anyone who wants to wear lenses and are also a great choice for anyone looking to switch between lenses and glasses frequently.

Gas permeable or hard contact lenses

Also referred to as hard lenses, gas permeable contact lenses are created to match many different prescriptions and eye types in mind. So, if you need a stronger prescription or have a specific issue with your eye, hard lenses will fit better than soft. Despite the name, these are still comfortable to wear and have been on the market for a lot longer than soft lenses.

Coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses are soft lenses made to wear as daily or monthly disposables that can change a person’s eye colour. They are often available in a range of standard eye colours and shades including muddy brown, hazel, steel blue, dark blue and green. Coloured lenses can be purchased to match an existing prescription too, whether you’re long or short-sighted. However, if you need a strong prescription or have an eye condition such as astigmatism, finding mainstream coloured contacts that are compatible with your eyes might be difficult.

Costume contact lenses

From achieving an accurate cosplay character to going the extra mile at Halloween, costume lenses are increasingly popular nowadays. Cosplay conventions and children’s party events are no joke either, with people sporting anime eyes or adults changing their eyes to match a Disney Princess or superhero. The world of costume lenses is extensive, with different diameters available to make your eyes smaller or bigger, unique colours such as bright pinks or extreme reds, or different shapes such as dolly eyes or sclera lenses. If you’re looking to purchase a unique lens, just be careful when it comes to eye care. For example, sclera lenses are those that cover the entire eye and are extremely uncomfortable and could be more prone to infection, dryness and scratches on the eyes too.

At David Paul Opticians, we provide soft and hard contact lenses tailored to your needs and prescription. For more information regarding daily or monthly schemes and our contact lenses, get in touch with our opticians today.


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