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Review: Colourvue Crazy Lens White Screen Contact Lenses

Making your eyes totally white can really give you that extra creepy scare factor. I picked up a pair of Colourvue White Screen contact lenses to test them out to see whether or not they were all they’re cracked up to be.

Colourvue Crazy Lens Review


These are not pure white lenses (if they were you wouldn’t be able to see). They have a white mesh pattern on them which close up is clearly visible but, the further away you are the more they look totally white. If you’re planning on wearing them for a Halloween party then most people probably aren’t going to notice the mesh. But, if you happen to meet the human of your dreams and they stare lovingly into your zombie eyes then they’ll probably be able to see it.

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Visibility is a huge issue with these. Like I mentioned they are a mesh rather than pure white, but the meshing does have a pretty dramatic effect on how well you can see. Everything looks foggy or hazy through these lenses so absolutely don’t drive in them or do anything where having impaired vision would be dangerous. I’d also advise bringing along your lens case (and spare lenses/glasses if you’re a wearer) so that you can change out of them if your lack of good vision starts to become a problem.

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These lenses are so uncomfortable. I’ve been wearing contact lenses for years and most of the time I stick my normal lenses in and go about my day. But when you first put these in you really feel them. My eyes were watering all over the place when I put them in and even though it subsides after a while my eyes got a lot drier and more irritated than they usually do with contact lenses in.

I checked the Colourvue official website to see if I could figure out why they were so much more uncomfortable than other lenses and it turns out most of the lenses are 14mm and these ones 17mm so I’m assuming it’s down to that.

If you’re planning on wearing these for a night out or any length of time then definitely test them out first to see if you experience the same problem and how long you can wear them for.

I’ve also worn a variety of other lenses from the Colourvue Crazy Lens range and didn’t experience an issue with them. They all went in fine with no discomfort.

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My eyes have a power of -7.5 and sadly these lenses don’t come in powers (at least not from where I bought them). They don’t look nearly as freaky when they’re under glasses. They have a base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 14 so if you don’t have perfect vision and standard shaped eyes then you’re out of luck.

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I love these lenses for taking pictures of looks with, but I’d never wear them out anywhere. I like being able to see too much and between the blurry vision and the fact they don’t come in prescriptions, I’d have a hard time surviving outdoors in them. The comfort is also a huge issue for me and even though I’ve only ever worn them for around 20 minutes at a time it’s a massive relief when I take them back out again.

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